Clasped Hands
How Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Will Impact Our Work
By Molly Blankenship, Executive Director of Chattanooga 2.0 Like so many other communities across the country and world, Chattanooga and Hamilton County have spent the past seven weeks in unprecedented, unpredictable, and scary times. And on top of a global pandemic, our resiliency was tested yet again…
Mission: Readiness Q&A: How to Help Our Students Succeed
Employers throughout the country, including right here in Chattanooga, are struggling to fill vacant jobs because many of our students are not workforce ready.  According to Department of Defense data, 71% of today’s young Americans (ages 17-24) could not meet the basic minimum requirements to serve…
Blankenship: Hamilton County Schools are “future ready”.
When Chattanooga 2.0 was launched, we faced a steep challenge to ensure every child in Hamilton County would have a high-quality education and real opportunity for college and career. Our 2016 report outlined 10 priority areas with metrics to track progress over the coming years, with…
From Howard to Harvard
On April 10, education partners, businesses, and community members joined to celebrate Public Education Foundation’s thirty years of hard work and dedication to our schools and community. Howard School graduate, Daphne M. Penn, told her story at the anniversary luncheon about how PEF helped change…


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