Building the Smartest Community in the South

So, what does this look like?

01 History

Chattanooga has always been a city of rich history and renewal.

25 years ago, Chattanooga came together to make great strides by rebranding as the Scenic City. Various sectors in the region have invested millions of dollars to revitalize the city and reorient the economy around tourism and the high-tech industry.

02 The City

Chattanooga was ranked #1 on Outside Magazine’s ‘Best Cities to Live’

“Fast Internet is Chattanooga’s New Locomotive” – The New York Times

“Well on its way to becoming one of America’s best mid-sized cities.” - The Washington Post

03 Jobs

Chattanooga is one of the top 10 metro areas for growing advanced industries, adding more than 12,000 jobs since 2010.

Nearly 10,000 new jobs will arrive in Hamilton County over the next few years as a result of our rapid expansion in automotive manufacturing and other advanced industries.

04 The Facts

With so many available jobs, we’re faced with a new charge.
It’s time to prepare our workforce for the years ahead.

Only 38% of Hamilton County residents have some type of postsecondary credential, but 55% of jobs posted by top the 10 employers require some form of postsecondary education.

Four out of ten students in Hamilton county live in poverty, which means there are focused supports needed for academic success.

Over 80% of the jobs paying a living wage ($35,000) in our area will require a postsecondary certificate or degree.

05 Our Data

When we improve in education, economic development is vastly different, allowing us to reach our potential as a city.

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Our goal is to reach 75% postsecondary educational attainment by 2025.

This means in 10 years, three of four of Hamilton County residents will graduate with a certificate, two-year degree, or four-year degree.

06 The Plan

Reaching this goal means commitment at every education level.

  • 100% of students need access to quality Pre-K programming

  • 90% of students will be reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade

  • 100% of students need to complete career exploration portfolios by 8th grade

  • 1,000 summer jobs and internships for high school students

  • 90% of high school students will enroll in an industry certification or postsecondary program during high school or upon graduation

07 Stories

Every day, we’re seeing progress in the lives of kids across our city, as we take action in tangible ways.

New Report – Priority Areas and Strategies

Now is the time to invest in our people – with education and training – to ensure greater quality of life and opportunity for all – in every neighborhood and every family – as we build a bridge to the jobs of the future in Hamilton County. Read about this and more in our new report – download now.

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It doesn’t stop there. Visit our stories page, and read more about our new report.

08 Take Action

We want to make a degree or certification the reality for every student in Hamilton County, regardless of their background.

We’ve put Workstreams in place at every education level, to pinpoint actionable ways we can make a difference as a community.