Chattanooga 2.0 staff and many partners across our community have already committed ourselves to the work ahead. We invite you to join us in moving forward together, stronger.

With facilitation, communications, and data support from backbone staff, our coalition members work together to make long-term changes that benefit children, families, employers, and our community overall.


Commit to the vision.

New and existing community partners interested in joining our work are invited to become members of the Chattanooga 2.0 coalition. Contact us to learn more about opportunities and sign the Chattanooga 2.0  Commitment Form.

Advocate for education.

Talk to your elected officials about the vision of Chattanooga 2.0, challenge and support them, and vote in all elections. Make sure that you, your family, and your friends are registered to vote.

Stay informed.

Visit the Chattanooga 2.0 website to sign up for our monthly newsletter, read local education and workforce news, hear stories from community members, and learn about volunteer opportunities.

Champion equity.

Educate yourself on racial injustice and how it plays out in our community. Commit to having uncomfortable, but crucial, conversations with your friends, colleagues, and family. Listen to and learn from those who do not look like you. And finally, give your time, resources and compassion to those closest to the issue.