It Bothers Me That Every Child in Hamilton County Isn’t Getting the Same Awesome Education That My Kids Are Getting

“I am so grateful for the community at my children’s school – CSLA. For the opportunity to attend a 10th birthday party that was hosted by my son’s Indian friend – for the chance to eat very spicy Indian food and bond with women from a different culture. For the chance to respond to an African-American friend’s Facebook post about race relations in school – and then schedule a play date for our boys while we discuss how we raise our white and black sons differently. For the chance to see my kindergarten child get excited to give an independent oral presentation about her research findings on flamingos. These are the reasons I am grateful. It bothers me that every child in Hamilton County isn’t getting the same awesome education that my kids are getting. I want it to bother everyone who pays taxes and votes and makes decisions. I want it to bother us so much that we act, collectively, to improve the situation. I want each parent in Hamilton County to have reason to be as grateful for their child’s wonderful education as I am for the opportunities afforded my children. My hope is that we can come together as a community and realize that it’s my job to educate your child and your job to educate mine. When we can understand this, we will want the best for each.”



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