WeAre#Next, a partnership with the Public Education Foundation’s Teacherpreneur program, provided 34 Hamilton County seventh graders a ‘big picture’ look at the arts in our community.  At the April symposium, leaders from the Benwood Foundation and The Enterprise Center gave an overview. Beginning at Liberty Tower, students enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the city, then toured the Edney Innovation Center and Martin Luther King Blvd., where they learned more about the history of “the Big Nine.” Smaller groups toured one additional community apiece – North Chattanooga, the Southside, Highland Park and Glass Street. Their day culminated in a hands-on art project led by artist Josiah Golson. The team plans to establish  WeAre#Next as an annual program.

Leadership Chattanooga Project Team: April Cox, Karen Estes, Ken Goldsmith, Tenesha Irvin, Jeremy Jenkins, Jessica McCosh, Kevin Rose, Kirby Yost


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