What we do

School-aged children in our community spend over 80% of their time outside of school. To ensure that they are on track by third grade, it is important to address not only in-school factors, but out-of-school as well. Doing so ensures that students are physically and emotionally safe, civically and socially connected, and thus able to be academically and vocationally productive.

The Out-of-School Time Alliance is a network of providers who serve children outside of traditional school hours. The network aligns with the goal of increasing participation in high-quality OST programs, especially among low income students and students of color.



Provide equitable, high-quality, rigorous learning experiences from cradle to career.


Summer reach

Collaborating for continued learning

Together, and in tandem with the district, out-of-school time (OST) providers worked collaboratively during summer 2020 to provide over 5,000 of HCS’s highest-needs students with summer learning enrichment aimed at addressing learning loss, giving students a jumpstart for the coming academic year, and helping students maintain social and emotional connections.

HCS and the Hamilton County Children’s Cabinet worked with OST providers to identify and reach out to underserved students who could most benefit from this support.

In Fall 2020, OST providers and the district joined forces with local faith-based organizations to open virtual learning centers across the district, providing either full or part-time support to working families with children engaging in remote learning.

Individualized Student Success Planning

To read about this pilot program spearheaded by the Hamilton County Children’s Cabinet, click here.