What we do

Early Matters Chattanooga is a coalition made up of over 20 diverse organizations invested in early childhood, positively impacting the systems that ensure happy and healthy childhoods in Chattanooga-Hamilton County, TN.

Working together, these organizations promote equitable access to early childhood programs and services through systems building and advocacy efforts.

We know that equitable access to early childhood programs and services is a key factor that leads to thriving families, thriving programs and a thriving community — making Chattanooga-Hamilton County the best place in the nation for a child to be born and raised. Advancing equity in early learning means undoing the conditions that have historically prevented many children from reaching their full potential based on race, income, and other social factors.

Work is driven within three working groups:

  • Access to Quality Child Care
  • Advocacy
  • Early Childhood Health Equity.

For more information, email earlymatterschatt@gmail.com.



Expand access and participation in high-quality early care and education programs.


Provide equitable, high-quality, rigorous learning experiences from cradle to career.


Access to Quality Child Care

This working group is currently focused on a high-quality, comprehensive needs assessment and landscape analysis of the child care system


Early Childhood Health Equity

The Quality Matters Fund (QMF)

The Quality Matters Fund (QMF) was developed on January 21, 2020 to provide capital support for early learning programs to expand their capacity or increase quality to serve vulnerable families. This grant was a public-private partnership funded by the city of Chattanooga and the Smart City Venture Fund, with United Way of Greater Chattanooga’s fiscal management and the oversight of Early Matters Chattanooga. As a result of COVID-19, in early April 2020 QMF was repurposed as the Emergency Child Care Provider Bridge Fund in order to offer support to child care providers as they sought state and federal relief in response to the pandemic.

Good Work By Our Partners