Equity statement

While Chattanooga and Hamilton County have enjoyed impressive levels of growth and progress over recent decades, we realize that the benefits of this growth have not been equally enjoyed by all our community’s residents. Too many Chattanooga-Hamilton County children, students and families continue to face significant obstacles to achieving their full potential. Opportunity and access to success are not equitably available to all our children and residents, and the American dream remains out of reach for too many of our community’s families.

Through generations of collective history in our community – and confirmed by bodies of significant research – we know inequities in opportunity and disparities in outcomes are driven by race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, disabilities, and other societal factors. Without a commitment to equity and systemic change, our systems and structures will continue to compound and perpetuate disadvantage for too many residents. A rigorous and sustained commitment to addressing systemic and institutional barriers for all our community’s residents is essential to achieving our overall objectives from cradle-to-career. We recognize our responsibility to eliminate past, present, and predictable barriers to student success. Our work will embrace equity-centered, culturally competent, and inclusive strategies that meet specific needs of our vulnerable children and residents, while improving conditions, outcomes and prosperity for everyone who calls Chattanooga-Hamilton County home.

Chattanooga 2.0 Equity Council

The fulfillment of Chattanooga 2.0’s vision is centered on a commitment to equity and hinges on the closing of achievement gaps. And so, in 2021, we committed to establishing the Chattanooga 2.0 Equity Council, a set of local experts and leaders committed to changing the odds for children, students, and families.
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Chattanooga 2.0 defines Educational Equity as:

Intentional supports, resources, and policies designed to meet the individual needs of each learner and eliminate disparities in outcomes, ultimately ensuring that all students have the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

Racial Equity Scorecard