Action Teams

As the convening entity that brings partners together to align resources and strategic focus along the cradle-to-career education pathway, Chattanooga 2.0 is working to improve outcomes for over 96,000 learners including early childhood, K-12, and higher education students.


Chattanooga 2.0 unites partners across sectors from community, business, nonprofit, public, and educational spheres. Our volunteer action teams and working groups encompass dozens of stakeholders who both inform the work we are leading and incubating as well as collaborate on research and initiatives. 


Hamilton county Children's CAbinet

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Children’s Cabinet provides a space for governmental agencies and community stakeholders to coordinate supports and services, develop common goals, share and compare data and address gaps or duplications in resources.

Early Matters

Early Matters Chattanooga is a coalition made up of over 40 diverse organizations invested in the wellbeing of children, positively impacting the early childhood systems that ensure happy and healthy childhoods in Chattanooga-Hamilton County, TN.

Out-of-school Time Alliance

Out-of-School Time Alliance functions as a network of providers who serve children outside of traditional school hours. Members meet monthly to continually coordinate and align strategies with the goal of increasing participation and effectiveness in out-of-school time programs while also elevating their impact on students and the community at large.

Apprenticeship Steering Committee

Literacy council

Composed of local, state, and national practitioners and experts, the Literacy Council provides Chattanooga 2.0 feedback on the implementation of its Literacy Action Plan while supporting alignment across Hamilton County and connecting Chattanooga 2.0 to diverse networks across the country.

Data council

The Chattanooga 2.0 Data Council plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive, aligned, and timely data collection and reporting across early childhood, K-20 education, youth services, and more. By leveraging the insights and potential within our data, the Data Council drives informed decision-making, helping us to achieve our shared goals for the community.

Great teachers great leaders

An action team that provides a space for educators and community stakeholders to collaborate, develop bold goals and solutions, share data, and address challenges and opportunities in recruitment, retention and support of our educators to make Hamilton County the best place to learn, teach, and lead.


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